Date : July 18th - July 21st, 2013

Venue : Camp Berachah -

Registration Form

Conference Brochure

Registration Fee

○ $110
○ $130 late fee after June 18, 2013
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Flying in Seattle/Tacoma International Airport
○ Arrival by 5pm on Thursday July 18th.
○ Depart after 2pm on July 21st.

Things to Bring

○ Bible
○ Warm Clothes
○ Appropriate Foot Wear
○ Money ( at least $ 40- if you want to participate in the outdoor activities provided by the campsite)
○ Toiletries

Rules and Regulations

○ No delegate may leave the conference premises without the consent of the conveners of the hosting parish.
○ All emergencies must be reported immediately to the Conference conveners.
○ All delegates will be assigned accommodations and must adhere to those living arrangements.
○ Possession or use of tobacco products, illegal drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited for the entire duration of the conference and will be cause for immediate dismissal from the conference.
○ Promptness is required for all meetings and mealtimes.
○ All delegates are required to bring their Bibles and conference booklets to all sessions.
○ All delegates are expected to behave in a respectful, responsible, and courteous manner at all times.
○ Use of vehicles will not be allowed without the permission of the Conference conveners.
All delegates must abide by and respect the faith and practices of the Mar Thoma Church

Conference Poster