Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are in the end of this year. As this occasion to look back at the unique grace filled life and the possibilities. Let us give thanks to God for all things in our life. We are going to celebrate on more Christmas in our journey.

Christmas is a festival of joy. The good news of the birth of Jesus is de-scribed as one of the great Joys (Lk 2:10). The Christian community expresses its joy by sending greeting cards, exchanging gifts, organizing family and community gath-ering and of course, worshipping in the church. The name ‘Christmas’ is derived from the old English ‘cristes maesse” meaning The ‘mars-of-Christ’. In Jesus the in-visible God became visible as the word became flesh. The immortal one became mortal; the one who has no beginning and no end, took on a beginning and an end in history. God not residing in heaven but living upon the earth. God not far above, not of reach, but near to us than the air we breath. God came to give life, abundant life to the dying humanity, to give light to those hoping to find him.

He continues to come to forgive and restore everyone to be God’s people no matter how far away they have gone from him. He comes not to judge, no matter how sinful we are he come to pardon us. He comes not to solidify the bondage be-cause his laws have been violated, he comes to make - mankind free, to cut off the shackles for ever. As many as received him, he gave them the privilege to be the children of God, to be free, free to live life with him (Jn 1: 12).

Also, Christmas is a challenge, as well as an invitation. Invitation to be with him, and a challenge to witness that joy. It is difficult to express joy in a joyless world. To be with God, spreading good news of joy is difficult because the world does not know true joy of life. We proclaim the message that God, who revealed himself at Christmas, is with us, to redeem us, to free us, to make us whole, to re-store us as human beings, pardoning our misdoings, forgiving our sins, acquiring us of the guilt, when we proclaim this message we are often misunderstood, mistreat-ed, ridiculed, rejected, persecuted, stoned and even killed. But then this is the mes-sage for all people. It must be proclaimed with joy because it is the good news from God for the salvation, for the well being, for the health and wholeness of mankind. There is a risk because man creates God in his own image. He does not want the self-disclosure of God, as God of love, of righteousness, of mercy and of justice. But the message of Christmas, the message of joy. The message “God with us” continues to make headway in spite of roadblocks and obstacles because it is God’s message to the world. Those who have caught the meaning of Christmas rejoice and share the message that the one born in the manger of Bethlehem is the savior of mankind. Those who accept the message receive his saving grace and become proclaimer of that message and spread the joy. Indeed “Joy to the world the Lord is come”. May God Bless you all abundantly.

In Christs’ Service,
With Lots of Love and Prayers
Aji Achen

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